How To Arrange Smaller Apartment

If you live in a small apartment or plan to purchase the same, you probably have the headache of arranging the living space in the "box of matches". Our associates are offering some excellent tips and tricks brilliant to get a functional and pleasant home.

Wall colours

When it comes to smaller apartments, the choice of colours for the walls is very important for the arrangement of the apartment. You will not go wrong if you paint all rooms in one shade, because this leaves the effect of continuous space. Those should be gentle tones that will not make the rooms seem smaller than they are. If you choose a brighter palette of tones, the space will be bright and it will seem more spacious. If you opt for a combination of "stronger" colours, pay attention to colour matching, but let there be no more than three colours.

Floor coverings

In small apartments, the best solution is to have the same floor throughout the apartment. In the kitchen work and in bathroom, it would be ideal to choose a smaller size tiles because they are better able to fit into a small space. If you choose parquet or laminate for the rest of the apartment, it is recommended that they be of darker and fuller colour, as it leaves the impression of spaciousness. Pay attention that the texture of the floor is not too colourful and merry!


For smaller apartments the ideal is multifunctional furniture: suites with a mechanism for drawing and a box for bedding, bunk beds, folding desks, chairs that stretch out in bed, etc. Large and massive pieces of furniture should be avoided.

The illumination of the apartment

It's nice if a small apartment has a large number of windows, but if not, you can visually increase it by several strategically placed lamps (hallway, kitchen, open shelves), and with well-positioned mirrors for reflecting the light. Do not put large chandeliers that can "hinder the passage" through the apartment.


Small apartment always lacks the space, but you can compensate it with vertical shelves i.e. shelves on the wall. You automatically free up the space in the lower parts for other solutions.

The door

It may not seem so, but doors can significantly affect the impression of the apartment. The front door of the room should be transparent for the smooth passage of light.

In small spaces, intense and dominant patterns on wallpaper, bedspreads and fabrics should be avoided, because it will reduce the space.