Bathroom Furniture

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Storage in modern bathrooms is a priority. That’s why our designers obsess about every detail to create beautiful furniture that maximises space and choice. Our ranges include stunning individual basin stands, mirrors and fully flexible solutions designed around your space and needs. All are made to the highest standards using quality materials suitable for bathroom conditions.

Buying Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom vanities: Your bathroom vanity is the combination of a sink, mirror and cabinetry that creates a centerpiece of your bathroom. There are a lot of options out there, so you'll be able to find a combination of bathroom furniture to match nearly any style.

Sink and vanity size: Available space can often be a limiting factor when it comes to updating bathroom furniture like a bathroom vanity. You'll need to consider the placement of other fixtures in the bathroom, such as the toilet, shower and bathtub. You may also want to measure the swing-path of the door if it's near to the bath vanity location. Be sure to include walking and turnaround space in your measurements, as well.

Sink and vanity mounting: Once you know the area you have to work with, decide on the best way to install your bathroom sink.

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Types of Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Bathroom wall cabinets come in many sizes, colors, and configurations. So before you shop, establish where you want to place a wall cabinet, and measure carefully to determine the ideal height, width, and depth. Try not to focus solely on how much storage space you’ll gain; purchase the size that looks proportionally correct on the wall.

Here are the main Types of Bathroom Wall Cabinets to consider: Compact Bathroom Wall Cabinets, Tall Bathroom Wall Cabinets, Open or Glass-Front Bathroom Wall Cabinets, Solid-Door Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Compact Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Most bathrooms have a shortage of floor space but one or two smaller areas of upper wall that are open -- and these are the ideal spots to hang compact wall cabinets. Not too tall, not too wide, and relatively shallow, these abbreviated cabinets are great for storing small items, such as bath sponges and nail polish.


Tall Bathroom Wall Cabinets

If your bathroom has a free wall that isn’t very wide, take advantage of the vertical space by hanging a tall, narrow wall cabinet. Taller cabinets offer the luxury of several shelves, which are perfect for stacking fluffy towels or taller items that seldom fit in a medicine cabinet, such as hairspray cans, shower-gel bottles, and hair dryers.

Open or Glass-Front Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Built for transparency, open-shelf and glass-front wall cabinets are meant to display pretty bathroom items such as specialty linens, cut-glass canisters, and hand-milled soaps. They’re all about showing off your personal spa possessions.

Solid-Door Bathroom Wall Cabinets

We all have plenty of bathroom necessities we’d rather store behind closed doors -- toilet paper, maybe, or beach towels that clash with your color scheme and decor. Keep your bathroom looking calm and soothing by stowing the clutter here.