How To Choose Curtains For Living Room

In addition to functional role in the living room, the curtains have significant aesthetic factor. They miraculously enrich the atmosphere creating a special atmosphere in the home.

When choosing curtains, it is important to pay attention to the other colours in the room. Depending on the choice of colours, patterns and materials, curtains can make every space more modern, elegant, and warmer. If your living room is of small sizes, choose bright and translucent curtains to ensure enough brightness. If is of larger sizes, the selection is limitless. A warm yellow colour and the orange shades are recommended, while gray, beige and white are restful to the eye, just like the warmer shades of green and brown. If the walls, furniture and carpets are monochrome, curtains can be colourful. If the living room is rich in colours and patterns, monochrome curtain would be a good choice. If the furniture is of vibrant colours, flawless is the choice of neutral tones curtains.

Curtains for living room

Certain colour can visually enlarge the space, reduce, extend or narrow it. It is important to see how the curtain looks on day and artificial light and how it fits the pattern and colour of the furniture. Aesthetically speaking, the curtains can be completely neutral and allow the highlighting of a piece of furniture or a decorative object in space with their patterns, but they can also break the monotony of the room with their luxurious look, bright colour, and pattern. Curtains, especially the thicker ones, may have another function – they can divide the given space into smaller units.

In the market there is a wide selection of materials of varying quality, transparency, weight, colours and patterns. Some of them are: velvet, silk, cotton, taffeta, organdie, marquisette, etc. To avoid the risk of fire, it would be good if the material is not flammable.

There are many types of curtains. We will mention some of them…

Classic curtains – of simple patterns, small folds, in length to the floor, made of transparent materials that let a lot of light. You can set the drapes with them.

Venetian blinds – made of aluminium or plastic, typically used in commercial buildings, easy to maintain and installed on the windows.

Vertical blinds – can be set in modern living rooms, but are most commonly used in commercial buildings; consist of a series of vertical strips, are opaque and can be selected in a variety of colours. By adjusting the spacing between the strips, you control the amount of daylight in the room.

Rollo curtains – of modern designs and patterns, they do not need curtain rods, as they go up and down, and in this way regulate the amount of light in the room.

Panel curtains – designed for modern interiors with large windows, let a lot of sunlight. In addition to its basic functions, they can be an interesting decoration in the living room. They are placed on the window frames.

Roman curtains – give a special dimension to the space and are increasingly popular nowadays; they are arranged in fields and attached to the mechanism on the window. These are more fabric panels on the windows rather than the classic curtains.